Social Network Marketing for Small Business

So… how can your business use the power of social networks for a competitive advantage and maximize your exposure and connect with your customers, clients and employees where they interact, network and commune everyday?

Social MarketingMake friends on Facebook

Start a group around the passions and interests of your employees, clients, or customers. Promote your events. Share your stories. Post photos and videos. Do NOT make it all about you. Make it all about your shared interests. Make it fun and engaging. Your Facebook page has to add value to “friends’” lives to have them actively participate.

Encourage satisfied customers to spread the word on Yelp and City Search

Manage your online reputation. Create a business profile. Encourage great reviews with contests or rewards. Resolve issues with unhappy customers. Provide promotional offers. Sponsor events or relevant interest pages.

Get LinkedIn with business

Connect with potential new clients. Reconnect with old colleagues and clients. Join industry groups. Post your blogs and videos. Put up your latest PowerPoint presentation. Get involved in industry conversations. It’s not just enough to fully optimize your profile; you have to jump in, engage, and work the system.

Get spotted on YouTube and Flickr

Create your own branded video channel to showcase your products or services. Sponsor relevant video content. Create an entertaining viral video. Post product images and photos of corporate events and more on Flickr.

Join industry forums

There are plenty of discussion forums created for almost every industry. Search them out. Listen and monitor for appropriate discussions in which you can offer your expertise. Don’t just talk about your products or services, but provide clear and objective answers or feedback. Also try starting a discussion to generate a dialogue around something you have a passion for.

Social network engagement takes time and patience. Listen first and then engage. But in today’s hyper-connected world, Social Marketing should be part of your integrated online marketing plan.

For more information on social network marketing, contact Tom Casale or Bill Kamper at info@simplifiedsolutions.biz or call 312-886-7669.

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